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Mesh Nebulizer

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Dr. Odin Portable Mesh Nebulizer for kids & adults is a handheld nebulizer machine and can be used anywhere. This portable Mesh Nebulizer has a rechargeable battery which helps you to nebulize while you have no power at home or if you are on the move. It’s around 10cm in height which makes it perfectly portable while you are traveling and it can be easily kept in a shoulder bag or you can even carry in the pocket.

Model Number: PN100
Warranty: 1 year

(4 customer reviews)
  • Pocket Size & Easy to Carry
  • Lightweight Design
  • All age Friendly Design
  • Multi-Angle Nebulization
  • Below 40 Decibels Silent Treatment Experience
Model Number


  1. Sumit Gupta

    I have ordered this portable neutralizer for my kid and I must say this product is very handy and can be used anywhere I like to.

  2. Nidhi

    My child is suffering from breathing problem and any time of the day he may require to have medication. This nebulizer is best because I can carry it anywhere and give the medication to my child.

  3. Raman Wadhwa

    This is the best portable nebulizer I have come across. I have been using the previous model of Drodin portable nebulizer and this new nebulizer I have bought just in case of emergency. I have to travel up and down from Chandigarh to Delhi so this nebulizer is just for some emergency case.

  4. Tarun

    This portable nebulizer can be carry anywhere and anytime. Portability is the best feature of this nebulizer machine

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