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Mesh Nebulizer+

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Dr. Odin Portable Mesh Nebulizer is a handheld nebulizer machine and can be used anywhere. This best mesh nebulizer available online has a rechargeable battery which helps you to nebulize while you have no power at home or if you are on the move. You can even fit it into your pocket just like a mobile phone.

Model Number: iNebCare
Warranty: 1 year

(5 customer reviews)
  • USB Rechargeable Battery
  • Adult & Child Mask
  • Multi-angle Nebulization
  • Palm-Sized
  • Efficient & Uniform
  • Superfine Particle
  • Traveling Carry Bag
  • One-button Operation
  • Quick ON/OFF Button
Model Number


  1. Akshay Chauhan

    Just recently I have come across this nebulizer and bought it in first place. They are offering 1 year warranty that made my trust on this brand and I am happy with the customer support they provide. The best part of this Nebulizer that I can use it anywhere. The USB charging feature of this nebulizer is the best part. Hope to shop with drodin again

  2. Ruchi Sharma

    It’s like stealth nebulization. It’s so quiet. It’s silent. It’s amazing. It’s ALMOST the best use of batteries I can imagine.. My son is coughing very bad. The doctor give him the cough medication but he still have phlegm in his throat. This product help him relieve. It contain 2 mask. It worth the price plus you can carry this nebulizer anywhere.

  3. Gayatri Sharma

    This is the first time I have bought the product from Drodin and the packaging is amazing. The carry pouch is useful and I can carry this machine anywhere. It can even fit into my pocket.

  4. Meena Gupta

    I am using this machine for my boy who is having cold and cough and he was unable to breathe. Doctors recommended me to use this Nebulizer. I have come across all other brands and then I decided to stick to drodin. I have been using their Touch Blood pressure machine and I am quite happy with brand quality and name.

  5. Jay

    I am a asthma patient & into travelling job. Due to its light weight and small size, I carry this machine with me all the time. I am really happy with the product.

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