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Fetal Doppler

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Dr. Odin presents the Pocket Fetal Doppler Machine for pregnant ladies who want to enjoy the sound of their unborn baby. Enjoy the fantastic experience of hearing your baby’s heartbeat with DrOdin Fetal Doppler Machine. The average heart rate of an unborn baby is approximately 102-160bpm.

Model Number: AD51B
Warranty: 1 year

(4 customer reviews)
  • Large TFT Display
  • Headphone Socket
  • Mini USB
  • Probe Socket
  • Lithium Battery
  • Automatic FHR Detection
  • Color TFT Display
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Automatic Shutdown
  • Variable Volume Control
  • Probe Jack
  • Battery Cover
Moedel Number


  1. Shilpa Sharma

    I really like the build of this product and they result it provides. Finally I am happy and feels closer to my unborn baby now. Thank you drodin

  2. Anchal

    Perfect device to use at home to hear your baby’s heartbeat. Loved the product, very simple to use and highly effective.

  3. Kamal Kaur

    The quality of fetal heart is very good. Hey hey hey, it took a long time to find a place. It was really the voice of a small train. You can hear the baby’s fetal heart. You feel relieved. The price is close to the people. Usually, every time you go to the hospital, there is a long queue. The doctor also told you that you can count the fetal movements at home, so you bought one back. I have been watching at home. My family members who care about me can also hear the baby’s heartbeat. When they hear it, they are happier than I am. Thank you very much for this product. With the second time, they can find the right one.

  4. Devakar

    Good quality and easy to use

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