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Electric Weighing Scale

3,999.00 2,499.00

This Electronic Personal Scale has a high precision strain gauge sensor that gives an accurate reading. This weighing scale is built with a thick and durable material that provides long term usability of the product

Model Number: NA
Warranty: 1 year

(4 customer reviews)
  • 4 X AAA 1.5V
  • 180kg / 397lb
  • 4 Sensor Technology
  • Auto On/Off
  • Division Graduation
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Error Indicator
  • Digital Display with LED Light
  • Accurate Reading

Black, White

  1. Rajni Walia

    This machine is specially design to measure the weight of infant. I am using this machine for my 2 months old child and the quality of this product doesn’t irritates the body my in child.

  2. Mohan Sharma

    The best feature of this machine is it automatically turns On/Off when ever I step in or out from this machine. Display is quite good and can be read from distance of 6 feet

  3. Sourabh

    What’s there not to like? It’s simple, looks clean and elegant, the digital display is easy to read for taller people who don’t have the best eyesight and it’s easily tuckawayable out of the way (if not out of sight) in the bathroom. The scale comes to a weight rather quickly and i do not doubt its accuracy (just recently verifying the weight it gave me at the doctor’s the same day).

  4. Sakshi Mehra

    My favorite part about this scale is that it is accurate. Or, to say, that every time I step back on the scale (within the same few minutes), it gives the exact same reading. Whereas the scale I just replace would fluctuate a couple kgs within the same 1 to 2 minutes. That was super frustrating, when you’re working really hard to lose every single kg. This scale does NOT do that.

    Even when I step right back on and hope it’ll go lower. LOL! Also, it’s pretty, which is always I bonus. So glad I bought it!! And, almost didn’t because I’d been told this type shatters. Had it over a month and so far so good.

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