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Electric Breast Pump+

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This Light Weight Electric Breast Pump is the perfect option for all the new mothers. With soft and comfortable petal massage silicone cushion for suction without pain, this silent breast pump helps the mother express with ease.

Model Number: NA
Warranty: 1 year

(4 customer reviews)
  • 2 Modes Pumping
  • BPA Free
  • Easy to Clean and Sterilize
  • Increase / Decrease Vacuum Button
  • USB Cable Support
  • Silicone Tube
Model Number



Gold, Pink

  1. Nitya Sharma

    I am posting this review after using this machine for 2 months. The motor sound is quite low and I don’t feel any pain or pressure while using this machine. Price is bit high but this product worth it because of the quality of the product and service support for 1 year.

  2. Manisha Verma

    Although I have low production of milk but this machine is helping me aloth while feeding my infant. Thank you for this innovative product.

  3. Nitin Jadiya

    best investment i did after my baby is born, it help me getting rid of excess flow, i can collect excess milk in bottle by expressing it and my baby when tired love to get feed of expressed milk. this machine is hand touch with three modes of espressing, all three are good depending ur comfort level with speed increase and decrease mode. its price is reasonable as compared to quality of machine, however u may like to have better milk botlle, i am using chikoo bottle with this machine. i am able to express one feed quantity in max 20 minutes without pain.

  4. Manoj Gehra

    Available in two colors, the best thing I could find to gift my wife during this difficult time. Thank you drodin for this product which can be helpful for parents like us

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