Blood Pressure Machine+

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This blood-pressure monitor is the most advanced blood pressure monitor available in India it has a touchscreen display and extremely responsive user experience. It automatically takes two measurements to show the most accurate readings.

Model Number: BP156A-A
Warranty: 1 year

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  • ARR1 Technology: Touchscreen technology has been embedded into the software 
  • Automatically takes two measurements: Can take automatically take two measurements.
  • Arm movement indicator: It can also detect if you move your arm, which would tamper with the results.
  • Cuff check indicator: It also detects if your cuffs are not attached.
  • Touch screen: It is one of the best touchscreen BP monitors
  • Talking function: It has a new and improved in-built speaker.
  • WHO function: It has been set according to the original WHO regulations
  • Large Cuff Size: the cuff size is much more significant which may help people with bulkier arms
  • Heart Arrhythmia Indicator: It can also detect if have arrhythmia 
  • Dual Check Mode: Regular BP Check and ARR1 Check
  1. Mehak Sharma

    I have found this Touch Screen BP Monitor to be used at home. I am happy with the product and really like the feature where I just need to touch the screen and results comes up in screen within few seconds. Plus 12 months warranty is a add on

  2. Prashant Dhiman

    The only Touch BP Monitor in India which is available at this affordable cost. I live in Delhi and this product has been delivered to me within 2 days. I like the customer support which helped me to decide on number of bp machines Drodin sells online.

  3. Saurabh

    The large screen and completely touch screen is the plus point of this blood pressure machine. Price is worth it if you compare the feature this bp comes with. Plus 1 year warranty if add on

  4. Yatin Sharma

    I bought this Touch Blood Pressure Monitor for My parents and I am very happy with the product now We can easily check B.P at Home. Build quality is great. Features are very Awesome and I Personally like the talking feature. It is also on COD which is good.

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