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Pulse Oximeter+

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Dr. Odin Pulse Oximeter is the Best Brand in India uses advanced technology to measure the oxygen level in your blood and your heart rate. A finger pulse oximeter is a handheld equipped with technology to detect changes in your blood oxygen level rapidly. This pulse oximeter comes with PI%. Buy pulse oximeter online for the best offer.

Model Number: FS20E
Warranty: 6 month

(9 customer reviews)
  • Automatic Power Off
  • OLED Display
  • One Button Operation
  • PR Waveform Display
  • Four Directions Modes
Model Number





60g including batteries

Display Content

SpO2%, Pulse rate, Battery indicator, Bar graph, Pulse waveform, Heart beat mark

  1. Rajat

    Easy to carry and use it anywhere I like to. Best portable oximeter I have found online.

  2. Dr. Santosh Kumar

    The reading are also close to accurate and I am using this on regular basis for my patients.

  3. Raman

    Love the white/grey colour, love how bright the screen is. And the screen flips to be readable either way.

  4. Tarun Mehra

    Worked great was recommended from a nurse to get one to monitor and to keep to our selves instead of sharing with the whole facility

  5. Lohit Sharma

    My product arrived on time, works great and is very user friendly. I’m very happy with this purchase, and I love quick delivery plus flat 10% off

  6. Sukhman

    I like the meter. It seems to be working okay. I just need to be a little patient while the readings stabilize. The first time I use it that day the reading comes as 94, but then in a little less than a minute, it has stabilized at 98 to 99. I had called customer service to ask if this was normal and she said yes. She did suggest that I might rub my hands together before using it the first time & I tried that today. It definitely helped.

  7. Deepak Sharma

    I purchased this for my parents and they are pleased with it. My father tested it against one used in the nursing home. Drodin is accurate and easy to use. Now that my mother is back home, we can use it to monitor her oxygen level while she receives in-home care.

  8. Ganga Wadhwani

    Package delivered on time and its come with good packing. dr odin fingertip pulse oximeter is best device. Device give accurate result every-time . Device have small display and sound also . Overall value for money device

  9. Amit Kataria

    Its nice product easy to use. dr odin fingertip pulse oximeter is best device. Device give accurate result everytime . Device have small display and sound also .

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