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Air Mattress

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The air pump for Dr. Odin’s anti bedsore air mattress provides sequential inflation and deflation of the air cells throughout the mattress, forming an air channel up and down in the mattress to redistribute pressure. The air pump operates quietly, vibration-free and energy-efficient. The mattress can be placed over the top of an existing mattress. It is lightweight, portable, and easy for transportation. It is ideal for use in home health care or nursing homes.

Model Number: OD-02S
Warranty: 2 year

(4 customer reviews)
  • Medical grade PVC
  • Adjustable hangers to suit any bed frame
  • Prevent bed sores
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Recommended for bedridden patients
  • Low power consumption
  • Portable/handy
Maximum User Weight

110 Kgs



Dimensions without flaps

220x90x7 cm

Compressor Cycle Time

6 min

Air Output

6-7 L/Min

Pressure Range


Electric Power Supply


Protection Fuse

500 mA

  1. Rajat Sharma

    I bought this bed cover after seeing it and being recommended by our local medical shop. I went home and found the exact same product for sale on their website. In a few short weeks my Dad’s bed sores have healed and he loves his bed! Thank you for the great product and the very reasonable price. I’m VERY happy I purchased this!

  2. Yatin Aggarwal

    The pain relief is 100%. I use to have to sleep in my recliner because my back is so bad it hurt to lay down. After one night I was able to sleep 6 hours. I woke up with a pain level of 7 not 10 or higher. The cost is well worth it!!!. If you have to stay in a hospital bring it with you no more painful hospital beds. Take it camping if you have a power source. This little air pad will change your life. Its meant to be thin no worries. A must have air mattresses.

  3. Salil

    I bought this mattress for my 90 year old Mom. She has difficulty finding comfort laying down. She often sleeps in her chair after trying to sleep on her bed for about an hour. I bought this mattress and the first night, she actually slept in her bed for 5 hours. What a relief.

  4. Kankia

    My husband developed terrible bed sores after being in the hospital and this mattress cover is wonderful in that it changes the pressure areas every 6 minutes, relieving the pressure on the areas where there are bed sores. They have started to heal and this mattress is a big factor in the healing process.

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