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Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

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This compact and reliable Aneroid Sphygmomanometer comes with an adult velcro fabric cuff and a precision manometer with a clip for a fix. It also comes with a soft cotton cuff, emulsoid bladder & soft emulsoid bulb, leather bag easy to carry, and latex-free for your safety.

Model Number: OD-50A
Warranty: 6 month

(5 customer reviews)
  • Single head stethoscope
  • Leather carrying case
  • Adult size cuff with D-RING
  • Latex bladders & bulb
  • Accuracy: +,- 3mmHg/Sub Division : 2mmHg











Single head

  1. Rajkant Mishra

    Good product in such a affordable price. Plus this product is accurate in blood pressure measurement. I must say quality of rubber and calf is also good. For me it’s value for money

  2. Vijay Parewa

    Product quality and packing is good. I received this product within 3 days of ordering on their website. 5 star for quick delivery

  3. Umesh Rajan

    Great product, well made and functional, except that it comes with a short tube to the pressure gauge and I wanted a full length tube. I contacted drodin directly and they mailed me a long tube (to match the inflation bulb). I am impressed by the support from drodin, as well as the quality of the product.

  4. Shobha Varghese

    The Drodin BP cuff works great it, it’s a great price so nursing students pick this one up it will get you through school for half the price of the one they sell at the school book stores. It’s just your standard adult cuff, you will get a great accurate reading with this I have used mine for many years. Very pleased with this product.

  5. Kalpana

    Being a nurse, I’ve used a lot of different cuffs. this one is the easiest cuff to put on patients’ arms because it has a simple design with none of those metal buckle/loop, that the cuff usually had to be looped around it. not having the metal buckle/loop makes it easy to put around the arms of even most challenging patients.

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